Verbs Homework Year 2100

d. Is fond of cats Polly 1. Word Order 2. Polly is fond of cats. 3. Corrected word order (Subject, Verb, Object) e. Bob convinced 1. Co-occurrence 2. Bob convinced me. 3. Required complement “me” is added for verb “convinced. 4) Consider the sentence “A highly motivated student of mine wanted to go to Rome to study Italian” a. Use the cleft test to show if “a highly motivated student” is a constituent or not in this sentence It was a highly motivated student of mine who wanted to go to Rome to study. Yes, it is a constituent b. Use the question-answer test to show if “to Rome to study Italian” is a constituent or not. Where did the student want to go? What did he want to study? To Rome to study Italian Yes, it is a constituent. c. Use the co-ordination test to show if “to Rome” is a constituent or not. A highly motivated student of mine wanted to go to Rome and to Florence to study Italian. Yes, “to Rome” is a constituent. 5) Construct you own examples of each of the following: a. A NP with a determiner, an adjective, and a noun The moldy box b. A NP with a determiner, a noun, and a preposition Every cat at

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