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Course Overview

The English Composition (with or without Essay) CLEP exam is designed to test writing skills that a student would typically learn in a first-year college composition course. InstantCert's course prepares you for the multiple choice portion of the exam, focusing on sentence-level composition skills; students taking the version that includes an essay will need to prepare for the essay-writing portion using other resources.

Topics Covered in This Course

Basic Grammar

Parts of speech
Independent / dependent clauses
Incomplete sentences and run-on sentences
Combining sentences

Identifying Sentence Errors, Improving Sentences, and Restructuring Sentences

Sentence boundaries
Clarity of expression
Agreement: subject-verb; verb tense; pronoun reference, shift, number
Syntax: parallelism, coordination, subordination, dangling modifiers
Sentence variety

Customer Test Results for the English Compostition CLEP

222 users submitted test results since January, 2009
208 of those users reported a passing score (94%)

The following are a sample of the test results submitted by members who’ve taken the English Composition CLEP exam after using InstantCert’s study program. These are unfiltered, unedited results and this list is automatically updated to show the ten most recent results:

March 8, 2018User  passedwith a score of 54
February 28, 2018User  passedwith a score of 54
February 8, 2018User  passedwith a score of 58
January 25, 2018User  passedwith a score of 55
October 28, 2017User  passedwith a score of 59
October 24, 2017User  passedwith a score of 68
October 4, 2017User  passedwith a score of 55
September 23, 2017User  passedwith a score of 79
September 13, 2017User  failedwith a score of 43
August 19, 2017User  passedwith a score of I pa

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I have a few questions about CLEP exams..i couldn't find much information about them online

so, first of all how are the tests scored?

What is the English Composition modular exam like? Is it hard to get a 68? Do the essays come from collegeboard or from the college-how exactly does the "modular" exam work? Do you get to see the multiple choice score right away? or do you have to wait for the essay to be graded first? is the essay and MC weighted equally? Oh, and do you think the barrons clep book is a good reflection of the actual test? how would my scores on barrons (percentage wise) correspond to the actual test? I had a 3 on ap english lang exam but i needed a 4 to get credit, so im really gonna try hard to clep out of it. im pretty good with english I guess but i have some work to do..

What about Analyzing & interpreting literature..how is that like? i would need a 65 to get credit...

I'd appreciate if you could share your experiences on what you did to do well on these exams..also what are the best books to use to study for these, and what score on the practice tests would i need to get the scores i need (stated above)

Thanks in advanced!

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