Thesis Assignment Writing By Anderson

Professor Jonathan Anderson has wide experience as a university teacher and researcher. He has taught at the University of Queensland, the University of New England and Flinders University where he is Professor of Education. He is a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society and the Australian College of Education and also Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. Professor Anderson has authored several books, many journal articles, reading tests and educational computer software.

Professor Millicent Poole, now retired, was Vice-Chancellor of Edith Cowan University. She has held appointments at the Australian National University, the Queensland University of Technology, the University of New England, La Trobe University, Macquarie University and Monash University. Professor Poole is a distinguished researcher and author of more than 150 refereed journal articles, 20 books and 26 edited book chapters, with major interests in life-span development, language and cognition, policy research and higher education.

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