Papanikolas Scholarship Essays

Past Award Recipients


Susa Young Gates Award

Kristin Perkins, First Place
"'If It's Not Right, You Have to Put it Right': The Play and Work of Children in Matilda the Musical"

Emma Chapman, Honorable Mention
"'Due to me':Women and the Economy of Seventeenth-Century New England in the Account Book of Elizabeth Gibbs Corwin"

Beverley Nalder Scholarship

Daniela Mason

Reina Dorff

Ella Carpenter Jensen Scholarship

Hannah Page Bell, "The Role of the Mu-opioid Receptor Gene on Mother-Infant Relationships in Rhesus Macaques"

Lauren Cook, "'I think I can. I think I can': Predictors of Perserverence"

Helena Haueter, "An Examination of Risk Factors Among Utah Suicide Decedents"

Madison Memmott-Elison, "Prosocial Protection: Bidirectional Linkages Between Prosocial Behavior, Aggression, and Deliquency"

Dorothy Simister," Social Work"

Daye Son, "Predictors and Outcomes of Child Disclosure to Parents During Emerging Adulthood"

Elizabeth Wood, "Sensitivity to Ketamine Predicts High Alcohol Intake: A Nonhuman Primate Model"

Marcia Ventura, "A Menstrual-Cycle Phase Effect on Loss Aversion: An Initial Investigation Using Concurrent-Operants Method with Gains and Losses of Money"


Susa Young Gates Award

Sylvia Cutler, First Place
"Redefining Representations of Black Female Subjectivity through the Erotic"

Rebecca Johnson, Honorable Mention
"I am Real Happy Here: Contentment Amid Containment"

Beverley Nalder Scholarship

Haley Bell

Daniela Mason

Sianee Rae

Bobbi Ulvestad

Ella Carpenter Jensen Scholarship

Alyssa Alexander

Christine Black

Emilie Davis

Madison Memmott-Elison

Elizabeth Passey



Beverley Nalder Scholarship

Daniela Mason, Family Life

Connie Burt, Industrial Psychology

Annie Edwards, Masters of Social Work

Ella Carpenter Jensen Scholarship

Hiu Wai Caldwell, “Relaxation HRV Techniques on Marital Satisfaction”

Brooke Elise Jones, “Gender Threat and Male Dominance: A Perfect Storm for Workplace Aggression”

Li Ping Su, “Learning English in the Hills of Vietnam: Understanding the Implications of Informal Education Models for Evolving Gender Dynamics and Education in Hmong Society”

Veronica Tait, “Age Differences in the Sunk-Cost Fallacy and Loss Version”

Jamie Easler, “The Value of Respite Care for Parents of Children with Autism Compared to Parents of Children with Down Syndrome”

Krista Keddington, Systematic review and meta-analysis of currently developed mental health smartphone applications

Erin Rackham, “The Physiological Responses that Drive Change in Therapy”

Troy Marie Young, “Focus Groups on Values of Marriage in Taiwan”

Madison Memmott, “I’ll be there for You: How Social Provisions Influence an Individual’s Prosocial Behavior”



Susa Young Gates Award

Arica Roberts - "Una Guerra Contra La Mujer: Chicana Feminism and Vietnam War Protest"

Arica Roberts is a recent graduate from Brigham Young University with a degree in History.  She graduated with the Women's Studies minor, as well as a minor in Philosophy.  Her studies focused on women and gender history, Latin American history, intersectionalism, and religion. She hopes to continue to study History in graduate school and one day teach and continue research and writing in these fields.  She is from Los Angeles, California and draws her inspiration from nature.  She loves the beach, mountains, riding horses, and hula hooping under the moonlight.

Jensen Scholarships

Can Cheng - "Parental Involvement and Child Achievement in School: Comparison of the Effects of White-Asian, White-White and Asian-Asian Parent Families"

Yoko H.W. Tsui - "The effect of HRV biofeedback on marital satisfaction"

Christina Riley - "Who is Helpful?: Examining the Relationship between Personality Factors and Supportive Responses and Attitudes toward Domestic Violence Victims"

Ashley Larsen - “Pathways Linking Maternal Education and Child Survival in 30 Countries: A Contextual Argument”

Kersti Spjut - “The Impact of Culture on Marital Satisfaction"

Erin Rackham - "Parents’ Conflict-Resolution Style and Relationship Self-Regulation:  A study of family-of-origin influences on ability to use RSR"

Brooke Jones - "Same-sex sexual harassment of men: The process motivating rejection-based harassment"

Connie Madson Ericksen - "Burial Plots: Theatrics of Pre-contact and Colonial Mortuary Performance in Eten, Peru"

Nalder Scholarship

Anne Edwards- School of Family life



Jensen Scholarships

Kathryn Cullen Burner—“Schizophrenia and Cognitive Adaptation Training”

Tracy Brown—“Menopause, Oxytocin, and Cardiovascular Risk”

Natalie Johnson—“Motivations as Mediators of Relations between Parenting and Adolescent Behaviors”

Jessica Palilla—“Autism Spectrum Disorders and Maternal Well- Being"

Annie Samhouri—“A Case Study of the Dar Al-Wefaq Battered Women’s Shelter in Amman, Jordan"

Andrea Sorenson—“Alcoholism Susceptibility: An Internship at the California National Primate Research Center”

Nalder Scholarship

Anne Edwards



Jensen Scholarships

Michele Elizabeth Bendall

Stephanie S. Luster

Whitney Maxwell

Sunnie Giles

Leila J. Nielsen&

Ashley Michelle Fraser

Holly Coutts

Over the past decade, increasing attention has been paid to the life and work of Charles W. Chesnutt (1858-1932), considered by many the major African-American fiction writer before the Harlem Renaissance by virtue of the three novels and two collections of short stories he published between 1899 and 1905.

Less familiar are the essays he wrote for American periodicals from 1899 through 1931, the majority of which are analyses of and protests against white racism. Collected as well in this volume are the addresses he made to both white and black audiences from 1881 through 1931, on topics ranging from race prejudice to the life and literary career of Alexandre Dumas.

The 77 works included in this volume comprise all of Chesnutt’s known works of nonfiction, 38 of which are reprinted here for the first time. They reveal an ardent and often outraged spokesman for the African American whose militancy increased to such a degree that, by 1903, he had more in common with W. E. B. Du Bois than Booker T. Washington. He was, however, a lifelong integrationist and even an advocate of “race amalgamation,” seeing interracial marriage as the ultimate means of solving “the Negro Problem,” as it was termed at the end of the century. That he championed the African American during the Jim Crow era while opposing Black Nationalism and other “race pride” movements attests to the way Chesnutt defined himself as a controversial figure, in his time and ours.

The essays and speeches in this volume are not, however, limited to polemical writings. An educator, attorney, and man of letters with wide-ranging interests, Chesnutt stands as a humanist addressing subjects of universal interest, including the novels of George Meredith, the accomplishments of Samuel Johnson, and the relationship between literature and life.

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